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Jan 24, 2020

When an artist from one background, such as movement arts, pairs up with an artist from another background such as body painting, and a third artist works to capture the collaboration via the art of photography what and how is the interacting art created? In this episode of the Art of Flow we are going to explore the collaborations that can occur with fire photography and the magic that can happen when multi-media artistic creations are made.

Join the conversation with Brittney Isphording, Kevin LeVezu, Veronica Stein about how one such piece, the cover art for this episode, was created, challenges they faced, how their mediums have changed over the years, and what inspires them to get in the flow with their art.

Link to Creative Collaboration photograph:

Artist Biographies:

Brittney used to get in trouble for drawing on herself in high school so when the north American body paint championships came to the east coast in her 20’s she jumped on the opportunity! After a few years modeling for artists she picked up the brush herself. She'd been painting with acrylic and oil paints throughout her life but this new medium captured her heart. She's also a circus performer herself which helps her to understand the needs of her performing canvases. Brittney has traveled to Austria for the World Body paint Championships, taught bodypainting at burning man, and has painted faces of hundreds of kids and adults alike! She is also an accomplished, world traveling hoop and fire dancer.

Kevin has pioneered various techniques in fire and flow photography for over 10 years. He is a staff photographer for the several festivals and publications including the Burning Man Project. His work has been featured in art exhibits, magazines, documentaries and news stories throughout the world. He teaches this art creation form both through in person workshops and through his website/blog

Veronica was introduced to the entrancing world of hooping seven years ago following the sudden loss of her best friend. Using flow arts as a means to transcend her earthly frustrations and sorrows, the art form has not only allowed for a new avenue of creativity, but a positive outlet to be a role model and muse for aspiring artists and dancers. Superseding her professional fire arts entrance to the PA Gathering, “Return to Roots,” Veronica can be found enchanting and enticing weekly spectators at local clubs, corporate events, parties, and festivals— most recently she has also become a respected go-go dancer and is continuously hunting for new channels of expression.


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