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The Art of Flow is a free public resource for creators, teachers, and supporters of the arts who are interested in flow arts and fire-dancing. It is creativity, flow arts, and fire dancing podcast that is available for mainstream distribution and provides inspiration for artists and conversations on the creative process. The podcast is available for download and listening via the following Platforms: iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Google Podcasts, and here!

Explore how to connect to your body, mind, and soul by hearing conversations with movement artists, flow artists, and fire dancers and trying out their suggestions yourself.

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A big thanks to current supporters: 

BJ Burg - Co-founder of Seattle Flow Arts Collective

Duncan Roy Greenwood- Founder of Flow DNA 

Krystin Railing - Founder of The Performer's Guide

Lane Lillquist - Co-Founder of In-Cloud Counsel

Jillian Morris

Alex D.

Daniel S.

This podcast is also made possible by the movement artists who spare their time and energy to chat with us to share thoughts on life, love, learning, and flow. Without them, their experiences, and stories none of this would be possible. 

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May 6, 2022

Vojta is a flow artist, filmmaker, musician, and circus artist based in Prague. Professionally performing since 2008, Vojta has performed worldwide, both alone and in collaboration with groups such as Fusion Arts, Phoenix Fire Dancers, SuperCho Company, and the Mandalights company to name a few. Vojta has completed...

Mar 12, 2022

In this episode with Bunny Holmes, discover an inside look at the workings of a family-style circus troupe, The Vespertine Circus, and their latest production - The Rocky Horror Circus Show!

Bunny Holmes has been casting and putting on shows since preschool – first plays for the neighbors, then DIY dance recitals for...

Nov 23, 2020

Liz Knights is an avid flow artist specializing in poi, buugeng and hooping.  She has taught at numerous flow festivals, organized the Ladies of Tech Poi collaboration series, and has recently been getting into teaching private online poi lessons. 

In non-pandemic-times, she runs a Boston-based entertainment company,...

Aug 29, 2020

Dancing with fire and light for over 20 years, Sage Jacote has changed the flow arts world as we know it, by teaching, performing, and inspiring around the world. She is the Founder and Artists Director of Sangre Del Sol, the longest operating fire and LED troupe in Austin, Texas.

She has also applied her skills in...